Our team has a proven track record of producing world-class interactive experiences for diverse clients including the US Department of Education. Let’s build something amazing together!

Virtual Science Lab

Client: ETS / US Department of Education

Our team lead development of the Virtual Science Lab (VSL) tablet application for the US Department of Education’s National Assessment of Educational Progress, an authentic and engaging means of assessing 8th grade students’ knowledge and skills in science and engineering through a first-person interactive virtual laboratory.

Opioids and the Brain HoloLens Experience

Client: Alaska Native Epidemiology Center

For a project funded by the CDC, the Alaska Native Epidemiology Center sought a high-impact experience that could educate Alaska Native youth about the dangers of opioid abuse, and the benefits of medication assisted treatment.

Wavelength AR

Client: Orlando Science Center

When young patients fight disease in a children’s hospital, it often means weeks or months of missing out on school. So Orlando Science Center called on us to help build an augmented reality (AR) STEM program that brings the vast reaches of the universe right to the hospital bed.

Puget Sound Augmented Reality Exhibit

Client: Pacific Science Center

The Pacific Science Center in Seattle wanted to breathe new life into an old exhibit. Stage 2 built a tablet-based AR experience that overlays virtual 3D content on a real world scene. The result was a cost-effective update to an existing exhibit, attracting new visitors after a relatively short development period.

Starfish VR Experience

Client: Virginia Tech

Did you know starfish have skeletons? Science Planet developed a VR experience that takes you inside these amazing structures, based on research featured on the cover of Science Magazine and now on exhibit at the Science Museum of Western Virginia.

Thanks to Dr. Ling Li and the Center for Educational Networks and Impacts for enabling this exciting project.


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