Science Planet AR

Augmented Reality for Education



Enhance your exhibits with exciting augmented reality content

Augmented reality (AR) solutions breathe life into older exhibits by combining 3D, animated, or video content through a tablet or phone. We’re helping clients like Pacific Science Center and Orlando Science Center build innovative AR experiences that enhance existing exhibits and boost interaction with new exhibits.

In a recent survey, we asked people how museums can best improve existing exhibits. Many responded they would like to see new technology like VR or smartphone interactions. And over half wanted a mix of traditional and technology-based content in new exhibits.



Flexible Pricing and Terms

We get the constraints of educational budgets, and we’re trying to remove  barriers to quality technology-based exhibits. Other AR solutions cost tens of thousands of dollars, putting them out of reach of many education budgets. Science Planet interactives are reasonably and simply priced.

Custom Experiences, Too

The Science Planet collection was built by Stage 2 Studios, experts in building educational content for clients across the country, including the US Department of Education. Now we’re making AR and VR services available to science museums large and small. Learn more at

Helping kids explore the galaxy from a hospital bed


When young patients fight disease in a children’s hospital, it often means weeks or months of missing out on school. So Orlando Science Center called on us to help build an augmented reality STEM program that brings the vast reaches of the universe right to the hospital bed.