About Science Planet

Science Planet is making it easier for everyone to explore science through innovative technologies like AR, VR, and online interactives.

We are passionate about taking people to unique science destinations, real and virtual. The places where science happens and the men and women doing science can share their stories. Together, we’ll visit fossil dig sites and watch ancient animals come back to life. We’ll explore the icy polar regions of Mars and witness a blue sunset (yes, sunsets on Mars are blue!). We’ll feel the force of a hurricane, learn about the human impacts, and how we can help.

We’re Making Science Interactive

We love helping educators share science. New technologies have so much promise, but they can also be difficult to deploy and maintain. We’re making it easier by working with museums, science centers, and teachers to find solutions to common problems.

The result is a growing selection of apps, games, and unique interactive experiences that make science education more engaging and more exciting. Our ultimate purpose: to share our passion for science by supporting the educators and institutions that work to inspire people about science.

Together, we will explore a great big world of science and discovery. Thank you for joining us on this journey!