The human body is actually a collection of trillions of individual living cells. Each cell has a complete copy of your DNA, and together your cells perform all the functions that make you tick, head to toe. Now you can explore this amazing microscopic world for free right in your browser.

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Where most genetic material (DNA) is located. The smaller round object in the center is the nucleolus, where ribosomes (made of RNA and proteins) are assembled.

Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum

The Rough ER sorts and secretes proteins headed for other locations in the cell. It’s covered with ribosomes, giving it a bumpy appearance.

Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum

Detoxifies potentially harmful molecules, metabolizes carbohydrates, and synthesizes lipids.

Golgi Apparatus

Modifies, sorts, and secretes lipids and proteins.


Almost like cells within the cell, these semi-autonomous organelles look similar to bacteria, from which they almost certainly evolved. They produce ATP, the energy unit of life.


Just one of several protein filaments that make up the “cytoskeleton,” a network of structures in the Cytosol, the space between the other organelles in the cell. The cytoskeleton provides strength and enables transport around the cell.

Cell Membrane

Protects the cell and controls the flow of substances into and out of the cell.