Did you know sunsets on Mars are blue? And that it snows near the poles? That’s right! Mars is a unique and exciting planet, and soon you’ll be able to explore it in virtual reality like never before.

Exploring the largest canyon in the solar system

Science Planet’s “Mars Colonial Scout” will put you in the mars-boots of a future astronaut exploring the red planet. Created with imagery and terrain data from NASA missions, this new VR experience will provide the largest explorable area of Mars to-date.

Collecting rocks and minerals at the icy south pole of mars

At launch, you’ll be able to explore the icy south pole region of mars. That’s right, it really does snow on Mars! In addition, there is water and carbon dioxide ice! This exciting new experience will let you visit a region of Mars less familiar and very surprising.

You’ll also take in the massive landscapes of the largest canyon in the solar system: Valles Marineris. This breathtaking region is about as wide as the United States, and many times deeper than the Grand Canyon.

Finally, you’ll be able to fly the Ingenuity Mars helicopter to explore the planet in a totally new and thrilling way.