Science Planet takes people to the places where science happens. We build virtual expeditions to far-away planets and microscopic worlds. We journey to real destinations where passionate and dedicated people are doing the work of science. And we uncover fascinating locations where objects of science are collected, archived, and exhibited, revealing the often surprising artifacts of science at museums and science centers.


Here you’ll find a growing selection of apps, games, and unique experiences that make science education more interactive and more exciting. Our ultimate purpose: to share our passion for science by supporting the educators and institutions that work to inspire people about science.

Together, we will explore a great big world of science and discovery. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Science Planet was founded by Stage 2 Studios with the goal of making it easier to build and maintain technology-based education content. Are you a science educator looking to build technology-based exhibits or interactives? Learn more about Stage 2’s work with the US Department of Education, museums and science centers.

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